In Defense of Politics

Tehelka says Don’t argue with him, he knows all the arguments. And don’t dabble with him on constitutional history, he knows It all. A constitutional expert, he can give you a run for your money for details which even the finest historian might miss. And he is absolutely impeccable, he won’t write for you, barring for The Statesman for which he wrote for decades, and lately for Hindustan Times. A rare gem, among the judiciary, an intellectual who fights nonstop. Here's a gem from A G Noorani...


Learning from AR Rahman...

Music and spiritual surrender are the two big themes of his life. As he returns with the Golden Globe, we explore how the public gift and private search intersect to create magic..


And then they came for me !!!

Lasantha Wickramatunga was the editor of The Sunday Leader inSri Lanka. On January 8, he was shot dead by two gunmen on a motorcycle. This editorial, which he apparently wrote knowing his days were numbered, was published on January 11, 2009. Read on....

Pursuit of Ama-gi

The Moves.....the street dances
The Spy...nothing is real, Pacino
The Family....everyone is good at heart, necessarily so
The Conversations....Vienna/Paris - Delpy/Hawke
The IT guy....The Space is too large in the Offy
The Boxer....Ya, depression era Cinderella could help
The Sane ya.... Anne or Dia, Mirza could have it good

1729...The magic at deathbed
The Pulsars...knocks and piercing brightness. Book said so.
The Man... Everything's illusion says John the fish
The Book...Jobs and their stories
The Magic... secrets revealed and Norton is ashamed


Hopeless Emptiness !!!

The first time I read RR, I was 23 years old--and while I wasn’t a father of two who was stuck in a completely wrong marriage, I nonetheless felt a profound connection to him. This quote sums it up best: “He could even be grateful in a sense that he had no particular area of interest: in avoiding specific goals he had avoided specific limitations” (page 22). Of course, I have a goal but my inability to take the plunge made my early 20s as useless as if I hadn’t felt even a tiny flicker of that urge. Temping at offices, coasting along like a blade of grass in a still pond, my memories of myself in my 20s is of a shamefully deluded child, drinking and talking, drinking and talking, drinking and talking. 

And when I wasn’t talking, I was stuck in my own mind, crafting fantasies and daydreams that excused my passive behavior and allowed me to convince myself that I was still somehow the person I wanted to be. It was the only way I could accept myself. Reading RR helped to see myself for who I really was, and  has inspired me to get off my ass and actually do something with my life...............MT