Traveling enroute back to home
Road a bit straight, a bit curvaceous
I sit alone in a seat meant for two
I miss someone's company sometimes

I see a father walking with his son
The child misses a step; Father lends his hand
I think I have been guided by such hand before
I miss someone's hand sometimes

A gentle wind from the countryside plays with my hair
I feel it soothing when it touches my face
I think I have had the luxury of same touch before
I miss someone's touch sometimes

Weather; so gentle, calm, mild and peaceful
Sunset fools me for sunrise
I think I have befooled many sans any malice
I miss someone's folly sometimes

Hitherto completely standstill the flowers of the plant, I know not
Get abruptly disturbed due to vehicles' drag
Never so far have I been disturbed by anyone
I miss someone "swiping me off my feet" sometimes

Like today, sometimes I feel very much at peace
I feel the bliss of God in things surrounding me
I wish I felt the same every time
I miss my nature's constancy sometimes

Peace goes berserk; silence mourns and hence hails own death
Road ahead no longer transparent, clear or fresh
Thanks solely to 4 wheels and chimneys of modern world
Signs of the evolution of the best of the beasts
Honestly, I miss our primitiveness sometimes

No longer can sunset befool me for a sunrise
For how can it conceal the humans and their interference?
Thanks to human for "letting the truth prevail"
So what if I miss illusions sometimes

I feel people unperturbed with all this and have got into a rut, a trap
That imprisons them by giving "El Doradosque" bait
Same trap in which most of those before them fell for
Confirming the fact that we never learn from history
I feel its time to WAIT for a moment; learn, think and reflect
I think we all should miss the above STEP sometimes