On Bunty...!!!

The phrase is ‘Keep it Simple’  
Cricket - I don't know man that’s what his batting reminds me of. He is somehow extraordinarily aware of the ordinary fact that at the end of the day it boils down to simple action of hitting the lather with a wooden timber. That too with a requisite force. PERIOD. Does any jazz or style matter? OR Do you need technique for that? OR Is it that difficult?  
Catching – Form a cup shape with your hands and trap the red leather. Before that make sure your legs reach the PLACE. Doesn’t diving (sometimes) a consequence of the error in your calculations? Does anyone need to be more scenic while doing that? Is it so complicated? That’s it man…!!! That’s Bunty for you…!!! The way I see him. And for all those bonzos who think I oversimplified the game go catch a sight of Don playing the game. For sure he is not as graceful as Sachin, Mark Waugh or for that matter even Ponting. But isn’t he the Don?(proclaims 99.94 FM, and rightfully so). People tend to think jazz/style as the important ingredient in getting runs. Maybe. Maybe NOT. But for sure, the important thing in scoring runs is that RUNS SHOULD BE SCORED. Thats what he does for thats what he knows.
And yes his LIFE is same as is his cricket – simple and uncomplicated. Who else would just walk upto one’s lady love across the drawing room and give her the kiss, the first kiss with every type of danger lurking nearby and with Murphy’s law waiting to be exercised? And trust me man, guys like Kroony, Soumya and me would have gone to great lengths of 'mushy'fying not our first kiss but bloody first 100 kisses. But for you, all it was – She was there. I was there. And I felt kissing her. And I did.

You got it man…KISS – Keep it Simple and Straight. You must apologise to Soumya for the last “S” though.  

So here’s no adjectives to the man I have known for what seems like eternity now.
For he does not need adjectives, just as proper nouns don't...!!!
(Whatta line!! Wow!! Shit,man!! Again wasted on a GUY)